Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated throughout most of the world and means many things to many people. It has nothing to do with religious beliefs or political events or some famous person’s birthday.  Mother’s Day is simply a day to give thanks to all the Mother’s in the world and should be recognized by everyone that was ever born.  We would not be here if it wasn’t for our Mother, she gave us the greatest gift of all, LIFE.  For me, Mother’s Day is a time to remember all that my Mother has done for me, all the sacrifices she has made for me and all the times she was there for me.  There is only one person that you call your Mother, no one can ever replace her and no one will ever love you like she does.  When you fall, she picks you up, when you cry she wants to know why, when you laugh she laughs with you, when you need someone to talk to, she will open her ears and heart and be there for you.  Our Mother is the most important person in our lives and the most influential.  However, not all Mother’s are perfect, they are human and do make mistakes which is why we must watch over them as they have watched over us to make sure they know we are there for them too.  Mother’s Day is also a day to remind us to let our Mothers know how important they are to us.  We sometimes get caught up in our daily routine and forget that she’s waiting for us to call or contact her just to hear us say “I love you Mom”.  Here is a poem I found that made me smile and I’d like to share it with you:

A Poem for Mothers, and Mine

The love of a mother is beyond compare
One who dearly loves and is always there
From scraped kneesMothers Day
To falls from trees
A mother cares for all
From “I told you so”
To “That’s a no-no! ”
A mother answers the call
Mothers cook, mothers clean, some even work a job
Even with all their strength, a mother still knows how to sob
Mothers should be honored for all they have done
Every day of the year, not just one
There is nothing better than a mother’s love
For her time on this earth thank God above
A mother’s love endures forever
Its unbreakable bonds no on can sever
No matter how much I have grown
My mother’s love is always shown
She has become a mentor and a guide
Within her always I am able to confide
No better payment for her I can find
Then to love her with heart, and with mind
To the one who bore me; I share my emotion
To the one who raised me; Absolute devotion
To this woman I express my joy
You will always be my “mommy” and I your “baby boy”

Whether your Mother is here in body or in spirit, please take time to show her how much you appreciate everything she has done for you.  Some of the best Mother’s Day gifts come from the heart, not the mall, and everyone can afford to give a gift from the heart.  The gift of LOVE is the best gift a person can receive from another, it’s a gift that lasts forever.  You are one of a kind and are very special to your Mother, on Mother’s Day, let your Mother know how special she is to YOU.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers out there, enjoy your special day.

Mother’s Day: May 13, 2012

– Eric White –


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